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All persons viewing, visiting, logging on to, accessing, or buying from our site agree to the following terms:


    Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money will pleasantly be returned.

    Just return the art undamaged within 10 days of delivery.  Our return address is OnsiteArt.com, 77 Soundview Avenue, White Plains, New York 10606.

    You may want to use the shipping tube or other package the art came in to return the artwork.  We suggest you insure your return delivery for the amount of your purchase.  We can not refund your money if the art is lost or damaged.

    Auction sales are final unless otherwise agreed.


    Occasionally, someone may submit a purchase order for a piece before you do, and before we have removed a work from the site or before it is removed from search engines.  In that event, the sale will go to the first purchaser, and you will be notified that the work has previously been sold.  If a piece is being auctioned, it will not be sold directly until the auction is over and there is no successful bidder.  If we discover that a piece is damaged prior to shipment, we reserve the right not to sell it.  In these events, your credit card will not be processed (and if it is processed in error, you will get a prompt refund).  If you paid by check, the check will be returned.  Alternatively, you may select something else (we will give you a 5% discount) and contact us by email at onsiteart@optonline.net,  fax or in writing that you would like your payment applied (in whole or in part) to that other work.  If you choose another work, please specify the artist name and stock number of the piece.  We have no further liability or obligation to deliver the item upon a refund to you.


    OnsiteArt sells some goods as a broker.  In that case, we may not have possession of the piece, but will arrange for delivery to you by the owner upon your purchase.  Any item for which we are acting as a broker will be clearly marked.  (If we do not indicate that we are acting as a broker, we own or have possession of the item).  If you do not receive your art within 10 business days after purchase or the conclusion of an auction, contact us immediately.  We will hold your payment for 10 days, and will release your payment to the owner on the 11th day after your purchase unless you have advised us that you did not yet receive the item.  OnsiteArt has no responsibility for your failure to receive the item other than to refund your payment if you notify us by the 10th day after purchase that you have not received the item.  Occasionally, an owner may have previously sold an item and not removed it from our site, in which event your payment will not be processed (and if it is processed in error, you will get a prompt refund).  


    Email us at onsiteart@optonline.net for information.  Or write to OnsiteArt.com, 77 Soundview Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606.  You can fax us at 914-948-5027, or call between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. ET at 914-948-5027.


    We ship promptly upon payment.  Most shipments will be by U.S. Postal Service, UPS or Federal Express, and the cost is included in the price unless otherwise noted.  Prints typically are shipped in a 4" diameter tube.  If you wish to arrange for flat shipping at additional cost, please contact us.  We may request additional shipping fees for international shipments, for framed items or for oversized items.

    There is an added shipping charge of $30 for items that are framed.  There is an added shipping charge of $30 for international shipments.  If the charge is not automatically added to the invoice, you can add that $30 to your order by clicking this Add to Cart button  .


    We usually will remove a listing from our web site about two weeks after shipment, but have no responsibility to do so.  We have no responsibility to remove listings from search engines, which usually occurs a few months after we have removed the listing from our site.  Some search engines cache pages from our site and thus even after we remove the pages from our site, they still can be or appear to be accessed.  Moreover, the host or web software may still retain pages that can be accessed using a direct url, and we have no obligation to remove those pages.


    Occasionally a price may be listed incorrectly, either on the web page or buy me button.  We reserve the right to correct the price.  In the event we do so, the buyer has no obligation to complete a purchase, and we have no obligation to complete the sale.


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